Is Royals' DeJesus what the Giants need?

Would David DeJesus be a good fit with the Giants? Jon Paul Morosi suggests the parties are talking ... but only in a non-serious way:

    The Giants have interest in Royals outfielder David DeJesus, two major league sources said, but it doesn't appear that the clubs are engaged in serious talks.


    San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy has used Pat Burrell and Aubrey Huff in the outfield corners recently; DeJesus would be a defensive upgrade over either.

    Burrell has performed well since joining the Giants, but the team might still be one bat short. Aaron Rowand is hitting just .220, and Mark DeRosa is hurt.

    If Andres Torres continues to shine as Rowand's short-term replacement, the Giants would have less incentive to part with a prospect for DeJesus.

There are so many moving parts here, I hardly know where to start. The Giants are set at second base with Freddy Sanchez and third (for now) with Pablo Sandoval, but the rest of the lineup is a giant game of musical chairs:

  • The Giants' best catcher (Buster Posey) has been playing first base,

  • they've got two perfectly fine shorstops (Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria),

  • Burrell and Huff can both hit but can't field (much), while

  • Nate Schierholtz can field but can't hit, and

  • If Rowand's going to earn $12 million this season -- and in each of the next two seasons -- it's hard to assign him a bench role, lack of performance be damned.

What happens if you introduce David DeJesus into this mix? I don't have the slightest idea, except I don't think it would work in the absence of some grand plan that gets Schierholtz out of the lineup and somehow improves the defense in left field.

Any ideas, Mr. Sabean?