Millwood's trade value sinking fast

Did you hear that whoosh sound just a moment ago? That was Charlie Manuel's reputation, rushing past you on its way to the bottom. That other whoosh, though? The one coming from Charm City? That was Kevin Millwood's trade value:

Interim manager Juan Samuel expressed concern for starting pitcher Kevin Millwood during his post-game interview on MASN.

Millwood lasted only one inning, allowing five runs and throwing 45 pitches before Samuel began parading relievers to the mound. He's posted a 9.89 ERA in his last seven starts, raising his season ERA to 5.77.

"We're starting to be concerned," Samuel said. "We don't know if something's there, his elbow or something. We just know today that Kranny (pitching coach Rick Kranitz) noticed his ball not coming that good. His velocity was down."

And so ends today's lesson in How to Not Shed "Interim" Tag 101 ... Seriously, Samuel probably couldn't have done anything to kill Millwood's trade value, as Millwood's already done just about everything possible. Just a couple of weeks ago, Millwood's ERA was still low enough (and his strikeout-to-walk ratio high enough) that Dave Cameron could still suggest that Millwood might be "the new Pavano."

No more. Not after this recent run of horrendous starts.

Still, if some contending team is desperate? And doesn't want to give up anything but a Grade C prospect and/or a few million bucks? Millwood's still got a good strikeout-to-walk ratio and he's still throwing -- or has thrown, over the course of the season -- just as hard as he did last year. Obviously, you don't want to trade for an old pitcher with a bum elbow. But if Millwood's not hurt, he's still a decent bet to have a decent second half.

(H/T: BTF's Newsstand)