Over/under: Andrelton Simmons' DRS

The wondrous Andrelton Simmons led all fielders with 41 Defensive Runs Saved last season, the defensive metric that Baseball Info Solutions measures by tracking every batted ball.

How good of a season was it? Here are the top 10 DRS totals over the past 10 seasons:

1. Andrelton Simmons, 2013: +41

2. Carlos Gomez, 2013: +38

3. Gerardo Parra, 2013: +36

4. Manny Machado, 2013: +35

5. Adam Everett, 2006: +34

6. Franklin Gutierrez, 2009: +32

(tie) Jack Wilson, 2007: +32

8. Troy Tulowitzki, 2007: +31

(tie) Albert Pujols, 2007: +31

10. Six players with +30.

So Simmons had an amazing year on defense. Was it a career year? Can he actually find a way to get better? Will the changing makeup of the pitching staff affect his DRS total? (More opportunities to make a play means more opportunities to help your DRS.)

Defensive numbers can certainly vary from year to year and it seems a little unreasonable to expect 41 DRS again from Simmons. Let's put the over/under at 31.5 Defensive Runs Saved.