Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links were captured, beaten into submission, then released on their own recognizance ...
• As Charles P. Pierce writes in Slate, Manny Ramirez's return has revealed our true attitude about baseball's drug war.

• Can you monetize a blown call? Beyond the Box Score's Jack Moore gives it one hell of a shot.

• Can you predict injuries? It looks like Stan Conte and the Dodgers are giving it one hell of a shot (and I'm sure they're not alone).

This news is shocking, I tell you; just shocking. (Unfortunately, his boy's not enjoying 2009, either.)

• So soon after two other vivid takedowns, Joe Posnanski finds another reason to rip the Royals' front office. In case I haven't said this before ... When you've lost Posnanski and Jazayerli, you're probably doing something seriously wrong.

• From Hardball Cooperative, lists of the greatest baseball novels (including one of I'd never heard of, let alone read; so that's useful) and the greatest baseball non-fiction.

• Earlier this week, I mentioned in passing that Gene Carney had passed away. He deserved better than a passing mention; this is better.

• Here's a fun little quiz about some particularly vexing baseball rules. I missed most of them.