Monday Mendozas

Today's links are waiting just a few moments longer before calling most of the divisional races (yes, already) ...

  • I think Joe Girardi is a fine manager, but Mr. Matthews has a point: Girardi chose a strange time to rest his best players.

  • Nice interview with our own Buster Olney (in which he takes a distinctly minority opinion, at least among his colleagues, regarding certain Hall of Fame candidates).

  • Remember Tom Trebelhorn? Used to manage the Brewers? Won more games than he lost? Well, he's back in the short-season Northwest League and loving every minute.

  • One excellent thing for whoever eventually writes (or tries to write) the definitive Tony La Russa biography ... Plenty of material about La Russa's Byzantine machinations (most of which are inside his head). The first notable example might have been George Will's book (recently available in a new edition), and here's the latest.

  • He's the world's oldest living American Negro Leaguer and America's Outstanding Oldest Male Worker? I want some of whatever this guy's having ... (H/T: BTF's Newsstand)

  • Straw, meet Man.

  • And speaking of things that can (or can't) be quantified, our friends at B.I.S. present an excellent (and really, really long) FAQ about John Dewan's Fielding Bible metrics.

Keep an eye on the Twitter feed over the next few days, as I'm down south and should be able to post photos of Mel Ott's grave and Henry Aaron's boyhood home and whichever other baseball-related sites I come across.