ICYMI: SweetSpot hits of the week

Well, what a week for baseball! From Albert Pujols entering the 500-home run club to Jose Fernandez redefining brilliant pitching to Michael Pineda being suspended 10 games for possessing a foreign substance on his person, baseball fans have seen it all. Here’s the best from the SweetSpot network's contributing blogs, bringing you in-depth analysis of Week 4 from around MLB.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Inside the 'Zona

Why a starter-by-committee approach may work for the D-backs: With the pitching staff struggling, the D-backs have installed two pitchers best suited as relievers into the rotation, pushing Trevor Cahill and Randall Delgado to the bullpen. Ryan P. Morrison explains the merits and drawbacks of a rotation of relievers, and how the D-backs could partially implement that approach. Follow on Twitter: @InsidetheZona.

Chicago Cubs: View From The Bleachers

Three reasons the Cubs should drop the third-base platoon: Joe Aiello makes the case that the Cubs should stop platooning Mike Olt and Luis Valbuena and just play them both at the same time. Follow on Twitter: @VFTB.

Chicago White Sox: The Catbird Seat

Chris Sale is going to the disabled list. Repent. James Fegan reacts to the Chris Sale news and reminds everyone how initial reports of pitcher arm issues can mean very little. Follow on Twitter: @JRFegan.

Colorado Rockies: Rockies Zingers

Nolan Arenado and the monster at the end of this book: Richard Bergstrom breaks down the young third baseman and discusses the current market trend where baseball teams sign young players to long-term contracts. Follow on Twitter: @rockieszingers .

Milwaukee Brewers: Disciples of Uecker

Brewers pitchers avoiding hard contact: Ryan Topp uses ESPN's WHAV statistic to evaluate the Brewers' pitchers early ability to avoid giving up hard-hit balls. Follow on Twitter: @RDTopp.

Minnesota Twins: Twins Daily

Things you need to know about Joe Mauer: Parker Hageman digs deep into the data for an analytical view at Joe Mauer's shockingly slow start.

New York Yankees: It's About the Money

The good and bad of Tanaka in four at-bats: Brad Vietrogoski examines four at-bats during Masahiro Tanaka's first start in Fenway Park. Follow on Twitter: @IIATMS.

History by the fours: William Tasker looks at every Yankee season that ends with a "4" and presents the best pitcher and batter of that particular season. Follow on Twitter: @FlagrantFan.

St. Louis Cardinals: Fungoes

Michael Wacha needs no fielders: Matt Philip reviews Michael Wacha's start against the Mets, in which he struck out or walked an amazing 75 percent of the batters he faced. Follow on Twitter: @fungoes.

West Coast Bias: San Francisco Giants.

Stop blaming Pablo: Andrew Tweedy discusses why Pablo Sandoval does not deserve to be the poster boy of the Giants' offensive woes so far in 2014, and presents what might be a more ideal lineup for San Francisco.

Tampa Bay Rays: The Process Report

Archer goes left versus Yankees: Tommy Rancel takes a look at Chris Archer's evolution against the platoon split, culminating in a strong effort versus a left-handed-heavy Yankees' lineup. Follow on Twitter: @TRancel.

Texas Rangers: One Strike Away

Martin Perez is a valuable commodity: Brandon Land takes a look at Martin Perez and his exceptional value given his team-friendly contract. Follow on Twitter: @one_strike_away.

Cliff Lee for Jorge Alfaro, who says no? Eric Reining speculates on how a hypothetical trade might work out or be turned down. Follow on Twitter: @ericreining.