Friday Filberts

Today's links began as essays, were distilled to Tweets, then fed protein shakes on their way to becoming full-grown Filberts ...

• I recently equated Vernon Wells' contract with Alex Rios' contract. As Dave Cameron points out -- mercifully, without mentioning me -- that was foolish because they're not the same at all.

• In the mood for a stimulating discussion? How about an occasionally stimulating discussion? Hey, it's not the discussion's fault; on the Web you get what you get. Anyway, check out what Dodger fans think about their second-best hitter batting eighth in the lineup.

• You might have missed it (I did), but fortunately Peter Golenbock didn't: Billy Reedy died earlier this week.

• My favorite issue of Sports Illustrated is the "Where Are They Now" issue, and my favorite bit in the latest edition is Tom Verducci's interview with Earl Weaver.

• BTF's Transaction Oracle uses the Hairston deal to spark a discussion about Billy Beane's ongoing suitability for his job.

• Big League Stew offers graphic evidence of Junior Griffey's little tribute to Michael Jackson.

• How weird is baseball? Willie Bloomquist entered this season with six triples in 1,255 at-bats. Last season, he collected exactly one extra-base hit (a double) in 165 at-bats. This season, Bloomquist leads the American League with seven triples in 214 at-bats. Try to get your computer to spit that one out in March.

• Meanwhile, this is more cool than weird: Thursday night, Joel Hanrahan picked up a win as a Washington National ... a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates. It could have been cooler only if Hanrahan had actually pitched for the Bucs while winning for the Nats.