ICYMI: SweetSpot hits of the week

It was a crazy Week 5 of the 2014 season, featuring rainouts, doubleheader sweeps, series sweeps, instant replay controversies, tremendous pitching, more injuries, a not-so-welcome home and some great defensive plays. All in all, a fun first full month-plus of the season. What you might have missed from around the SweetSpot Network this week:

Arizona Diamondbacks: Inside the 'Zona

D-backs Playoff Odds After 30 Games: After the team's horrific start, Jeff Wiser examines Arizona's chances this season and where it goes from here. Follow on Twitter: @OutfieldGrass24

Optimizing the D-backs Lineup: Bat Goldschmidt Second or Fourth. In the wake of Mark Trumbo's injury, Ryan P. Morrison suggests a Eric Chavez/Cody Ross platoon would be formidable, and that an optimized lineup could squeeze out more runs. Follow on Twitter: @InsidetheZona

Baltimore Orioles: Camden Depot

A Historical View of Prospect Value: Matt Perez reviewed what the value of a win was and how that has related to the changing value associated with prospects during their first six years of team control. Follow on Twitter: @CamdenDepot

Boston Red Sox: Fire Brand of the American League

Scouting the Red Sox Defense: Why have the Red Sox struggled out of the gate this April? Look no further than their own defense. Follow on Twitter: @PoarchDaniel

What to Think of Grady Sizemore: Now that the initial luster of spring has worn off, what can we conclude about Sizemore's first few weeks in a Red Sox uniform? Follow on Twitter: @AlexSkillin

Chicago Cubs: View From The Bleachers

What To Do With Darwin Barney: Joe Aiello answers the question burning up every Cubs fan’s mind. Follow on Twitter: @VFTB

Colorado Rockies: Rockies Zingers

The Rockies and the Infield Shift: Eric Garcia McKinley analyzes how the infield defense is taking advantage of all the ground balls the pitching staff is generating and the effectiveness of the few infield shifts employed. Follow on Twitter: @rockieszingers

Minnesota Twins: Twins Daily

How Much Longer Will Alex Meyer (and Twins Fans) Wait? The Twins' top pitching prospect has been dominating in Triple-A while the Minnesota rotation continues to struggle. When should Meyer come up? Seth Stohs discusses the benefits of waiting and not waiting.

New York Yankees: It's About the Money

Why You're Probably Going to Hell for Booing Cano: Michael Eder writes about Cano's reception at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night and explains why the media should calm down a bit. Follow on Twitter: @EderMik

Why is Kelly Johnson's Role Shrinking? Brad Vietrogoski wonders what has happened to Johnson's playing time in the past couple of weeks. Follow on Twitter: @IIATMS

Philadelphia Phillies: Crashburn Alley

Phillies April Review: .500 Isn't So Bad: The Phillies finished April with 13 wins and 13 losses. In the April review, Bill Baer examines why the month was a thrilling success for the club. Follow on Twitter: @CrashburnAlley

Tampa Bay Rays: TheProcessReport

The Bullpen: The Rays are having issues with their bullpen, but it's more about the amount of work the pen is getting than a performance reduction. Follow on Twitter: @jasoncollette

Texas Rangers: One Strike Away

The Heart of the Rangers Order is Bleeding: Brandon Land looks at the 2-4 spots in the lineup and the disturbing lack of power. Follow on Twitter: @one_strike_away

Sinking: Eric Reining talks about some of the recent struggles of the Rangers, and the hope that a day off is what was needed. Follow on Twitter: @ericreining

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