Reds bolster weak-hitting outfield

Hey, a Hall of Fame-caliber player was just traded to a contender!

There's a lot to like about Chris Dickerson. His career line is .274/.367/.421 and he can play anywhere in the outfield without hurting you much.

Of course, he's also 28 and figures as a fourth outfielder for the Brewers. This move is just about the Brewers getting something for Edmonds while they still can.

For the Brewers, that is. For the Reds, it's about getting one of the better 40-year-old outfielders we've seen in a while. Based on his numbers, anyway. In fact, Edmonds has played so well that it's at least a little surprising the Cardinals didn't claim him, if only to keep the Reds from getting him. As Craig writes, "Because from my point of view, this strengthens the Reds at a time when the Cardinals are in a dogfight with them."

A left-field platoon consisting of Edmonds and Jonny Gomes (or Chris Heisey) could be highly productive.