M's manager Wakamatsu reportedly fired

From Larry Stone's Twitter feed:

    Don Wakamatsu has been fired as Mariner manager

The Mariners have the third-worst run differential in the American League. The two teams with worse run differentials have already fired their managers this season. Neither of those two teams was expected to be competitive this season; the Mariners were. Ken Griffey, Jr. took naps in the clubhouse during games. Milton Bradley was Milton Bradley. Chone Figgins hasn't earned his salary. And now ... Well, I'm not saying I don't believe that Jack Wilson broke his hand in a bathroom accident. He probably did. Historically speaking, though, "bathroom accident" is just one of the many euphemisms for incidents that might be less flattering to the player and his employer. And when unflattering things happen, they tend to reflect poorly on the manager.

Leaving all that aside, lately there's been a general feeling among those who watch the Mariners that the manager has lost the players, who are just playing out the string.

You can hardly blame the players for giving up on the season. They've been out of the race since Memorial Day. But once a manager has lost his players, it's really hard to get them back. And it's a lot easier to find a new manager than a new 25-man roster.

Update: Clearly the front office isn't taking cues from Larry Stone.