Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links don't like to see baseball players fighting. But today's links do like close pennant races, and the passions that result ...

  • I've got some exciting news! Two of my favorite blogs -- The Common Man and The Daily Something -- have joined forces to create The Platoon Advantage, which today becomes the newest member of ESPN.com's SweetSpot Network. And the first entry in the new venture is a wonderfully amusing look at the Anti-Mustache All-Stars.

  • I know I write this every year and only a tiny percentage of you believe me, but you really should join the Society for American Baseball Research, and once you've joined you really should attend the annual convention if you possibly can. Here are general roundups of SABR40 from Chris Jaffe and Aaron Gleeman, plus recaps of the New Technologies in Baseball panel from panelist Dave Allen and Cecilia Tan.

  • Also last weekend, but in New York rather than Atlanta, FanGraphs hosted its own conference, and we've got the skinny from co-host (and moderator) Carson Cistulli, and also from attendee Amanda Rykoff.

  • Jason's right: Make it stop. (And what's so terribly frustrating is that they could make it stop, relatively easily. But I guess it'll take someone getting killed.)

  • The Baseball Codes reminds us that even before Joe Kerrigan was fired for (apparently) fooling around behind his manager's back, he had developed a reputation as a clubhouse mole.

  • And I thought Flip Flop Fly Ball was all about graphics ... This Dodgers Musical History is so wildly inventive that I feel hardly able to claim to inhabit the same intellectual dimension as its creator.

  • You want a guy to want to play. You don't want a guy with a sub-.300 OBP essentially demanding to play, and getting his agent publicly involved. Is there any way this story has a happy ending?

  • Sox Machine on a single move that really hurt the White Sox and really helped the Twins.