Giants install Jose Guillen in right field

Oh, boy. This doesn't figure to make the Giants' starters real happy:

    According to Jeff Fletcher of AOL Fanhouse, Giants manager Bruce Bochy confirmed that the newly-acquired Jose Guillen will be the everyday right fielder, moving Aubrey Huff back to first base.


    Huff is no great shakes as an outfielder himself, but this decision also means that the hot-hitting Pat Burrell will remain the everyday left fielder, effectively putting two of the worst defensive outfielders in all of baseball on one field at the same time. It's a good thing Andres Torres has a background as a track athlete, because he's gonna need it playing center field between these two.

OK. I know I wrote about this already Friday, and I know Bochy might have been misinterpreted or might change his mind.

But if this really is the plan, it's even worse than I thought. Because making Guillen the every day right fielder and Huff the every day first baseman means Travis Ishikawa is out of a job ... and he's done absolutely nothing this season to deserve losing his job.

Not that it's been a regular job, exactly; Ishikawa's played in 84 games, but has just 141 plate appearances. Still, the Giants' best lineup against right-handed pitching includes Ishikawa at first base, Aubrey Huff in one of the outfield corners, and one of the Giants' right-handed DHs in the other corner. With Nate Schierholtz coming in to play defense the moment the Giants have the lead.

Maybe that's how Bochy will play it. Keep an eye on Ishikawa, though. If he's buried by Guillen, you might reasonably question the manager's sanity. And not just because of all the running Torres (and Aaron Rowand) will be doing in center -- and left-center, and right-center -- field.