Franchise player draft: Second round!

OK, you've seen the first round of the Franchise Player Draft. What would the second round look like? Eric Karabell joined me for our annual follow-up where we pick for everyone. I made the odd-numbered picks and Eric made the even-numbered picks. Who did we fail to pick who should have gone in this round?

(First-round pick in parentheses.)

31. Aaron Boone (Julio Teheran): Max Scherzer.

The best player on the board and still just 29. He'll give Boone a dynamite 1-2 alongside Teheran.

32. Tristan Cockcroft (Byron Buxton): Kris Bryant.

He's a bit closer to the majors than Buxton, but what an awesome and young 1-2 punch!

33. Buster Olney (Yadier Molina): Robinson Cano.

Buster is in win-now mode with Molina, so let's go with Cano. Don't get to worked up over the low homer output so far; he can still hit and will for several more years.

34. Jayson Stark (Gregory Polanco): David Price.

How could Buster pass on the Vanderbilt lefty? Ace in his prime! By the way, make the next pick Rusty Staub or some former Expo.

35. Jonah Keri (Jose Fernandez): Carlos Correa.

You just don't want Jonah to take one of your beloved Phillies. Since he took Fernandez, we can afford some patience and will take 2019 AL MVP Correa to anchor the infield.

36. Dan Shulman (Michael Wacha): Nolan Arenado.

Find me a Phillie worthy of being chosen. Dare ya. Arenado is a terrific defender and an emerging hitter.

37. Doug Glanville (Salvador Perez): Stephen Strasburg.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. But Strasburg is still very good and still has a Cy Young season in him at some point.

38. Paul Swydan (Jose Abreu): Francisco Lindor.

Elite defensively, strong plate discipline; Lindor appears ready for the majors right now.

39. Justin Havens (Andrelton Simmons): George Springer.

He comes with some risk due to the strikeouts, but Springer is a five-tool talent already mashing in the majors.

40. Manny Acta (Carlos Gomez): Adam Wainwright.

Manny wants to win now, with Gomez and the ace who slipped way, way too far in this draft. Wainwright still has plenty of years left.

41. Keith Law (Josh Donaldson): Jose Bautista.

Good pick there, Eric. Maybe we're overrating the kids. With that in mind I'll go with Bautista, still one of the best hitters in the game and a solid outfielder with a plus arm. Just ask Billy Butler.

42. David Schoenfield (Xander Bogaerts): Domonic Brown.

No, really, Dave, he’s sooooooo good. He'll be fine. OK, Jeff Manship. Fine, you can have Madison Bumgarner. Perfectly safe lefty. Stop whining already.

43. Chris Crawford (Joey Votto): Justin Upton.

What, not Brad Miller or Nick Franklin? So disappointing. I'm not sure I completely buy Justin Upton's first two months, but if he has made The Leap, he's going to be a monster the next 6-7 years.

44. Richard Durrett (Freddie Freeman): Justin Verlander.

Richard's first-round choice a season ago remains on the board in Round 2, and while the numbers aren't great, it's foolish to presume this is his new statistical baseline. Not yet.

45. Scott Spratt (Jason Heyward): Starling Marte.

Scott loves defense, as evidenced by his Heyward pick, so let's go with Marte, who plays left for the Pirates but will play center on our fictional squad.

46. Jim Caple (Felix Hernandez): Yoenis Cespedes.

As with Durrett redrafting a 2013 pick, this was Caple's first-rounder, and now he's available much later. And Cespedes is still potentially special.

47. Dan Szymborski (Buster Posey): Chris Sale.

I don't know what ZiPS says about his future, but Sale is too good to pass up at this point. You can make an argument that's he's the best pitcher in the game right now. Left-handers are 0-for-32 against him.

48. Andrew Marchand (Yu Darvish): Edwin Encarnacion.

Let's face it, he is a bit too good to pass up at this point, as well. And he homered again while I was typing this.

49. Mark Saxon (Paul Goldschmidt): Carlos Gonzalez.

Mark sticks with his favorite division and tabs Gonzalez to bat in front of Goldschmidt. CarGo is still only 28, and he'll be back up around .300 with 25 home runs by the end of the season.

50. Mark Simon (Evan Longoria): Matt Harvey.

Hard to believe everyone has passed on him, but the resident Mets fan cannot. Especially since boyhood hero Neil Allen is 56 years old.

51. Pedro Gomez (Miguel Cabrera): Sonny Gray.

I'm tempted to go with another hitter to go with Cabrera, but every team needs a young ace, and Gray is developing into one of the best young starters in the game.

52. Adnan Virk (Troy Tulowitzki): Jason Kipnis.

Hard to believe he's still around, and what a middle infield Adnan has for the future!

53. Alex Cora (Andrew McCutchen): Jonathan Lucroy.

Let's build up the middle. Lucroy is one of the most underrated players in the game. He is a catcher who can hit for average, has almost as many walks as strikeouts, and may be the best pitch framer in the business. He is only 28 and is entering his best years.

54. Jerry Crasnick (Giancarlo Stanton): Chris Davis.

Throw in Stanton and it's a pretty impressive combination of power hitters in the middle of the order now. Ah, he'll get pitching later.

55. Katie Sharp (Masahiro Tanaka): Wil Myers.

Katie loves her Yankees, but there are no Yankees worth taking here, not even Yangervis Solarte. Instead, she grabs a young hitter from a division rival to go with Tanaka.

56. Jim Bowden (Yasiel Puig): Javier Baez.

Jim loves this Cubs prospect, and it's easy to see why. Baez isn't having much success at Triple-A Iowa, but give him time.

57. Tim Kurkjian (Manny Machado): Anthony Rizzo.

Instead of going with potential, let's give Tim a Cubs player who is already producing in the majors. Rizzo has an OBP near .400 and he's just 24. If the power develops to go with his eye at the plate, watch out.

58. Mike Petriello (Clayton Kershaw): Oscar Taveras.

The Cardinals prospect finally got the call and homered in his first game over the weekend.

59. Christina Kahrl (Bryce Harper): Gerrit Cole.

I'm going to leave you all the Phillies to choose from! I'm tempted to give Christina my favorite player in the minors, Mookie Betts, but Cole and his big fastball is too enticing to pass up.

60. Eric Karabell (Mike Trout): Hmmm ...

Marlon Byrd? A.J. Burnett? Steve Jeltz? Von Hayes? I actually did find a Phillie worth taking in this draft. So why not select shortstop J.P. Crawford? Keith Law believes in him, so I will as well. Thanks, Dave!