Should the Mets try to dump K-Rod?

This story just keeps getting better. Or worse. Or something:

New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez suffered a torn ligament in his right thumb while allegedly striking the grandfather of his children last week at Citi Field, a team official said.

Rodriguez, who pitched Saturday with discomfort in his return from a two-day team suspension, was examined Monday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. Team doctors recommended surgery, but a date for the procedure has yet to be scheduled.

Rodriguez was charged with third-degree assault and second-degree harassment as a result of the incident in the family room at Citi Field last Wednesday.

"You can make the assumption that the injury resulted from the incident last week," the official said.


Rodriguez lost $125,000 in salary during his two-day team-imposed suspension, and could be in line to forfeit the salary for the remainder of the season if a non-baseball event resulted in the injury, as is alleged. Rodriguez is making $11.5 million this season. It is unclear if the Mets would try to void Rodriguez's entire contract which runs next year and has a vesting option for 2012.Assuming that he's healthy after the surgery, I'm not sure why the Mets would want to void Rodriguez's entire contract. I wasn't a big fan of the contract when he got it, because I don't think closers are worth (almost) $12 million per season. But that is what they get, and if the Mets are going to overpay for a closer, they might as well overpay for this one.

Unless ... and I want to be very clear about this ... unless (theoretically) axing Rodriguez is part of a larger strategy that involves spending money more wisely and (or) not putting up with ridiculously anti-social behavior.

Given the Mets' recent history, I doubt if such a strategy is in the offing. Considering the ownership in place and ownership's apparent confidence in the general manager, I expect more of the same in the next two or three years. In which case they might as well keep K-Rod around. It's not like he's the only major leaguer with a bad and sometimes violent temper. Not even close.

What the Mets should do is force Rodriguez -- between his anger-management classes and his injury rehab -- to watch Bull Durham a few dozen times. Shoot, even I know you're not supposed to punch a guy with your pitching hand.