Vote: The worst play ever?

On Saturday, Rockies pitcher Christian Friedrich, making his first major league appearance of the season, threw a wild pitch against the Brewers with the bases loaded.

Three runs scored.

Calling it a Little League play is an insult to Little Leaguers. Here's the play, in case you missed it. The first run scored on the wild pitch. The second run scored when catcher Michael McKenry threw wildly to Friedrich covering the plate. For the third run, Jean Segura caught Friedrich not paying attention as he retrieved the errant throw and scrambled home ahead of the tag.

"I always check the effort first, that's first and foremost," Rockies manager Walt Weiss said after the game, a 9-4 Rockies loss. "But we didn't execute today. We wash it off, come out tomorrow. But we were sloppy early on, there's no way around that."

Was it the worst play ever? Well, maybe not, but we don't have video of the time Babe Herman doubled off the wall at Ebbets Field and the Brooklyn Dodgers somehow ended up three runners standing at third base.

We do, however, have Ruben Rivera's baserunning adventures from May 27, 2003.

So which play was worse?