Monday Mendozas

Today's links are hoping that Lou Piniella isn't the last base-throwing manager ...

  • How great is Josh Hamilton, really? Well, that all depends upon who (or what) you ask.

  • Jeff Pearlman believes that Roger Clemens is a massive bundle of vanity. Pearlman knows Clemens better than I do. Wrote a book about him, even. But every time I hear Clemens speak, he seems to me a bundle of adolescence. Just a man (now) pushing 50 who's hardly begun to grow up.

  • It's always nice to find out they're still finding little nuggets, just laying around for who knows how many years.

  • OK, here's your Baseball History 101 lesson for today, courtesy of JoPo.

  • And here's the after-class discussion in the hallway (and I sure hope to see that journal someday).

  • Thanks to a weekend for the White Sox that really could have gone better, the Twins are now a fantastic bet to win the American League Central for the sixth time in nine years. How have they done it in 2010? The SweetSpot Network's Nick Nelson has all the answers.

  • Look, I'd love to see the old ballplayers get some money. I love those guys. I know more about Marvin Rackley and Johnny Lindell than I know about most of my cousins. But this has almost nothing to do with just desserts or fairness. It's purely about charity. And in case you haven't noticed, baseball's not real big on charity.

  • Billy Butler's a pretty good hitter. But there's no way to avoid the facts that 1) double plays do count for two outs, and 2) Butler hits into a lot of them.