Giants have to find room for another OF

It looks like Cody Ross is heading to the Giants ... and it's not clear that they wanted him; apparently they wanted to keep the Padres from getting him. Jeff Fletcher:

The Marlins apparently were happy to let Ross, and the approximately $1 million of his remaining salary, go to the Giants. They recalled Cameron Maybin, who will presumably become their everyday center fielder.

The Giants did not have a need for Ross, because center fielder Andres Torres has been one of their most productive players, hitting .283 with 12 homers and 49 RBI. However, Torres has struggled against left-handed pitchers, so the right-handed hitting Ross could platoon.

Ross, 29, is hitting .263 with 11 homers and 58 RBI, but he's hit .280 with a .542 slugging percentage against lefties.

What's more relevant are Ross' career numbers against lefties, which are even more impressive than his numbers against them this year. So, yeah: A platoon in center field could be highly productive. Or, if not a straight platoon, something that gets Ross into the lineup against lefties. Of course, the Giants already have Pat Burrell and Jose Guillen, who need to play against lefties.

I can't quite figure why the Giants would be worried about Ross going to the Padres. Granted, the Padres could use a center fielder. But the Giants really don't have to worry about the Padres, who are close to uncatchable. The Giants need to worry more about whoever doesn't win the East and whoever doesn't win the Central.

Anyway, the big winner here is the Marlins, who really should (finally) just let Maybin play. Maybin didn't hit much last year, and he's hit less than not much this year.

In the majors, that is. Maybin's still only 23 and he's triple-slashed .325/.401/.477 in 115 Triple-A games. Before that, he was nearly as good in 114 Double-A games. His minor-league track record suggests that he'll eventually hit. Maybe he won't. But the Marlins need to quit fooling around and find out.