ICYMI: SweetSpot hits of the week

Pretty historic vote last night, as Rob Manfred was named the 10th Commissioner of Major League Baseball. A boisterous congratulations from us here at ESPN's SweetSpot Network. As the SweetSpot's own Christina Kahrl noted, there's lots of work ahead for the Commish-elect. Buster Olney and Gordon Edes also weighed in on the challenges and issues facing Manfred. Bud Selig leaves a complicated legacy, complete with some amazing highs (labor peace since '94, revenue explosion, revenue sharing, instant replay, wildcards, WBC, Jackie Robinson Day, expansion of PED penalties) and some reputational dents (the 1994 strike, PEDs, stadium woes in Oakland and Tampa Bay, the Marlins/RedSox/Expos "inside job" ownership exchange, the 2002 All Star game fiasco). It will be very interesting to see Manfred establish himself, having lead many of these key initiatives for Selig behind the scenes for so long.

Please weigh in on your thoughts on Selig, Manfred and whatever else moves you in the comments below. What changes would you make if you were Rob Manfred this morning?

Onto the best of the SweetSpot Network contributing sites from this past week...

Arizona Diamondbacks: Inside the 'Zona

Jake Lamb: Welcome to the Show: the D-backs' trade of Martin Prado did more than clear payroll, it also cleared third base for prospect Jake Lamb. Jeff Wiser breaks down Lamb's minor league success and explains what to expect. Follow on Twitter: @OutfieldGrass24

Baltimore Orioles: Camden Depot

Chris Davis on Path to Fall Short of Mark Reynolds: Jon Shepherd notes that after a 2013 of Chris Davis chasing the home run record and settling for simply the Orioles' home run record, he is now chasing another one: most home runs with a batting average under .200. As of the time of writing, Davis was on pace to fall three homers short of Reynolds' feat of 32. Follow on Twitter: @CamdenDepot

Chicago Cubs: View From The Bleachers

Back to the Cubs Future: A Look Back at the 2011 Cubs Top 10 Prospect List: Each year, Baseball America releases their top-10 list for each organization and projects the lineup three years out. Joe Aiello takes a look back at 2011 to see how they did now that 2014 is here. Hint: It’s not pretty. Follow on Twitter: @vftb

Colorado Rockies: Rockies Zingers

The Saddest Play In Rockies History: Eric Garcia McKinley reminisces on the last Rockies game before the 1994 strike. The exchange between Eric Young and Ryan Klesko was memorably tragic. Follow on Twitter: @garcia_mckinley

Minnesota Twins: Twins Daily

Twins are Making the Right Moves: The Twins are finally embracing their rebuild, clearing out aging veterans to make room for the next wave, as Nick Nelson writes. Follow on Twitter @nnelson9

New York Yankees: It's About The Money

Yankees Historically Bad Clutch Hitting: The 2014 Yankees are bad in the clutch. Katie Sharp shows everyone just how awful they've been and how they rank historically. Follow on Twitter: @KTSharp

Slump City, USA, Population Yankee Bats: Everybody slumps. Brad Vietrogoski examines how all the Yankees seem to be doing it at the same time. Follow on Twitter: @IIATMS

St. Louis Cardinals: Fungoes

Graph: MVP candidates by percentage of team WAR: One way to think of who is most valuable to his team is to consider the proportion of the player's contribution to his team's overall performance. Pip at Fungoes graphically displays each league's leaders in Wins Above Replacement, with their WARs as percentages of their team's totals. Follow on Twitter: @fungoes

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