Tuesday Taters

Today's links still think the Padres are going to hang on ...

  • If this craziness in St. Louis gets out of hand, Ben Nicholson-Smith's Colby Rasmus trade primer might come in real handy.

  • I'm sorry, but someone's going to have to explain to me why Aroldis Chapman will need another pitch if he returns to starting someday. How many pitches did Sandy Koufax have? How many pitches did Doc Gooden have? How many pitches did Randy Johnson have, really? If you've got a big arm and can throw strikes, two pitches is plenty.

  • Bill Lee pitched a lot better than I figured he would.

  • In case you're wondering what happened to baseball in Portland, here's a decent enough summary.

  • From Dodger Thoughts, more excellent September call-up news.

  • I watched this play three times and I'm still not convinced the umpire blew it.

  • Patrick Newman previews Nippon Professional Baseball's stretch run, and it's worth reading if only for the "twist" in the postseason.