Is Selig softening on Rose?

Bill Madden thinks he saw a glimmer of hope for Pete Rose in Cooperstown last weekend.

    The tip-off that Selig may now be inclined to pardon baseball's all-time hit king was Hank Aaron's seemingly impromptu interview session with a small group of reporters in the lobby of the Otesaga Hotel on Saturday. In declaring for the first time that he would want an asterisk put on the achievements of any steroid cheats elected to the Hall of Fame, Aaron brought up Rose, who, in August of 1989, was given a lifetime ban for gambling on baseball, saying: "I would like to see Pete in. He belongs there."
    It is no secret that Selig considers Aaron one of his closest friends and values his opinions over perhaps all others. It was also learned by the Daily News that in a meeting of the Hall of Fame's board of directors at the Otesaga later on Saturday, two of Rose's former teammates on the board, vice chairman Joe Morgan and Frank Robinson, also expressed their hope that Selig would see fit to reinstate Rose.


    Nevertheless, it is beginning to look as if Rose will at least finally get Hall of Fame consideration, at the same time the Hall of Famers are taking an even harder stance on all the steroids cheats. "Believe me," said Reggie Jackson, to a couple of writers, "that little session Hank had with you guys was anything but impromptu. He wanted to get that out there. It was time."

I'm sorry, but this seems to me a massive leap of speculation.
Henry Aaron wants Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame.

Bud Selig considers Aaron a close friend.

ergo, Bud Selig is going to remove Pete Rose from Major League Baseball's permanently ineligible list?


My personal and professional opinion is that Bud Selig has essentially finished his work, and that he's happy with it. He's got interleague play and the postseason format exactly where he wants them. He's got the All-Star Game exactly how he wants it. And he's got Pete Rose exactly where he wants him.

My personal and professional opinion is that all of these things could and should be changed, for one reason or another. But I believe we'll have to wait for the next commissioner.