Buyer beware of Reds' Arroyo

Among the many trade rumors this week: Bronson Arroyo to the Yankees.
As Erik Manning writes, "really?" Money quote:

    Arroyo is probably a 1.5 WAR pitcher next year but is going to get paid like a 2.5 WAR pitcher. He's due $4 million the rest of the season, $11 million the next season and has a $11 option the following season, with a $2 million buyout. It's hard to fathom that his option would get picked up. Unless the Reds are willing to eat the vast majority of his salary, any GM trading for Bronson Arroyo should be immediately fired for incompetence. It would be essentially be paying for the privilege of flushing $6 million down the toilet.

Gosh, is that fair?
Yeah, it's fair. Except for his durability -- or his "attendance record," as someone said on a local public-radio station said last week about another durable athlete -- there is nothing to like about Arroyo.

Especially this season, when he is giving up more home runs than ever, walking more batters than ever, and striking out fewer batters than ever. That is, as you might guess, a terrible combination.

I can promise you that everyone who works at Fenway Park, from Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein all the way down to the cats that hunt rats in the wee hours, is praying for the Yankees to acquire Arroyo. Imagine Arroyo in Yankee Stadium and envision the carnage.

Now, we can argue about Brian Cashman's level of competence. But even if you believe (I don't) that he's incompetent, I simply cannot believe he's that incompetent.