Our kingdom for a Halladay

Via MLBTradeRumors, a couple of snippets from our greatest ongoing saga:

    1:57pm: Yahoo's Gordon Edes reports that the Red Sox offered Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden and Ryan Westmoreland to the Blue Jays for Halladay. In my opinion, that is a very strong offer. Edes says the Jays would like to acquire a shortstop since they are "vigorously shopping" Marco Scutaro. That means the Sox might need to get creative.

    10:55am: Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail says many top Blue Jays people are deciding whether to trade Halladay. It's not just Ricciardi's decision.

    Meanwhile, SI's Tom Verducci weighs in. He talked to a scout who spoke of an organizational "tug of war" in Philly, with Pat Gillick and Charlie Manuel pushing the win-now move for Doc while Ruben Amaro Jr. and other player development guys are reluctant to move top prospects.

    Verducci says Carlos Carrasco doesn't do anything for the Jays, and they'll require either Drabek or Jason Knapp...

If you ask me, Ricciardi and the Blue Jays are now playing with house money.
They know more about Carlos Carrasco than I do, but he seems to me just a tick below Kyle Drabek on the prospect scale. And if you've seen the list of other players with whom the Phillies are supposedly willing to part, you know it's an impressive group. Meanwhile, those three Red Sox prospects would be an impressive haul, too. And one can only imagine that the other clubs in the Halladay sweepstakes are offering similar packages.

For the last few weeks, I've seen a lot of opinions about whether a deal would or would not eventually get done. Now, though, it seems to me that not doing a deal would constitute some sort of executive malpractice. Because the Blue Jays are clearly being offered a great deal more than eight months of Roy Halladay is worth.