Joe Torre back in Yankee fold

Well, here's something we can stop worrying about -- Joe Torre is back in the fold:

    Last night was about George Steinbrenner in every way, but as we all know, the lingering story in the background was the return of Joe Torre to Yankeeland, his first appearance as part of the “Yankee family” since his departure after the 2007 season ended in a swarm of midges.


    There will be a Joe Torre day. Possibly as early as next season, Torre will get a plaque in Monument Park and have the number 6 retired in his honor. Because the Yankees haven’t issued the number to anyone else since his departure, Torre will have been the last Yankee to wear it. 3 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you whether or not that would happen with any real certainty, but Joe earned it last night. We’ve all had messy break-ups of some kind or another, and it’s time to let the pain of this one fade and move on to remembering the good times.

    Welcome back Joe.

First, Torre was essentially fired. Then he wrote the book. Then the Yankees disappeared him from the new Stadium (not really, but it made for cute little story for a couple of days). And now he's back in the fold. All in the space of less than three years. And it was, from the beginning, utterly inevitable.

Everything happens faster these days, and all the relevant parties are too clear-headed for this (supposed) rift to last much longer than it did.