Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links are working really hard at not caring what you think about them. Definitely a work in progress, though ...

  • Before last night's action, Dave Cameron handicapped the National League West and concluded -- because they have (or had) a small lead, plus an off-day that allows them to rejigger their rotation -- that the Giants deserve (or deserved) to be considered slight favorites. Well, maybe. But I wonder how much luck plays into these things. I'll bet that we can, when it's all over, look back and find just two or three plays that (i) could easily have gone the other way, and (ii) would have changed everything.

  • Speaking of which, David Pinto is performing a great public service by tracking the Massive Tie Scenario every day; here's the latest.

  • The Dodgers, of course, don't figure in any postseason scenario. After reading this craziness, I'm more convinced than ever that Frank McCourt has no chance of winning this trial.

  • I love the headline. The reality, I'm afraid, is that the Yankees' debt isn't going to prevent them from doing almost anything they want to do.

  • Howard Megdal's bid to become the Mets' next GM has been a lot of fun, and (of course) a fantastic marketing tool. But he's got his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, right? He must know the Mets aren't going to hire a writer to run the front office. And even if he's just angling for a job in baseball operations as a consultant or something, a public campaign isn't the way to accomplish that. Like I said, though: great marketing tool.

  • Great stuff from Wezen-ball on Mr. Ed and the Los Angeles Dodgers. What Wezen-ball might not already know is that the Dodgers were big TV stars in the 1960s. Aside from Mister Ed, there must have been a dozen sitcoms that featured Durocher or Koufax or Drysdale or whoever. Durocher alone

  • appeared in at least four series in that era, and I'm sure he's not the only one. Hey, sounds like a good project for ... Wezen-ball!

  • Oh, this is good (but you might want to save it for your lunch hour).

  • Jeff Passan's excellent reportage suggests that making maple bats significantly safer is a complicated affair. I'll stick to my earlier guns, though: This would have happened already if the Players Association really cared.

  • Posnanski on Thome. 'Nuff said.

  • Just wondering ... Is anyone going to ask the Steinbrothers why Pop's monument is so incredibly larger than Babe Ruth's and Joe DiMaggio's and Mickey Mantle's and Casey Stengel's?