Is Big Stein's monument perfectly sized?

A friend writes:

    The Steinbrenner plaque is perfect. What better way to memorialize a pompous ass than this way? If he had a modest monument, someone might be fooled into thinking he had even a touch of humility in life. The overblown, gaudy, overbearing, ugly plaque is a perfect representation of Steinbrenner.

Hey, what do you really think?

Seriously, I do hope that we someday discover that Steinbrenner, some years ago when he was still capable of such things, somehow ensured that his plaque would dwarf those of his fellow honorees in Monument Park. It's certainly not hard to imagine his thinking. ... "That place wouldn't even exist without me. And that new ballpark ... They should call it The House That Steinbrenner Built!"

My friend is right: If Steinbrenner ordered that his plaque be many square feet larger than anyone else's, it would stand as the perfect monument to his outsized personality and general inability to occasionally get out of the way.

But if Steinbrenner's family is responsible (as most suspect), then this is just sort of sad. Because in attempting to honor their father, they have turned him into an object of ridicule (at least temporarily) and diminished the accomplishments of his fellow honorees (permanently). Which nobody's family should do, in good conscience.