Drive time in Los Angeles

Posted by Chris Marcil

I listen to a lot of games on the radio. One of the nice things about living in Southern California is that the time zones work in your favor, so there's very likely a Dodgers or Angels game to listen to in the car no matter what time I leave work. One of the less nice things is that I'm in the car for a long time, no matter what time I leave work. I'm not going to get all green-fields-of-the-mind and say that the games are better on radio. But it's still fun. It's mysterious. You literally can't see what's happening, and the game feels like it has more blind curves, to use a driving metaphor. But my favorite thing might be the cheesy athlete radio ads.

Cheesy radio ads appeal to me because they're for companies that don't have the money to buy cheesy TV ads. For example, the one running in heavy rotation right now on Dodgers broadcasts (I'm biased toward the Dodgers, because of Vin Scully and my daughter, both of whom have been fans of the team for most of their lives) is Manny Ramirez for some ticket broker.

"It is the only ticket broker I will use," says Ramirez in his heavily accented English. "Believe it!"

I smile at the idea of Ramirez calling up a ticket broker, perhaps to get good seats to the sing-along "Sound of Music" at the Hollywood Bowl. Isn't that what Scott Boras is for?

But even more, I also love the idea of Ramirez, a guy who is also famous for being suspended for cheating, using "Believe it!" as his way to seal the deal.

Only on the radio.

Chris Marcil writes comedy at harvardclassicsproject.blogspot.com