Jose Guillen: the Giants' Mystery Man

SweetSpot Networkers Capitol Avenue Club and Bay City Ball have teamed up for a Division Series preview, and (from one of them here's CAC's third question for BCB:

    3. With Andres Torres, Pat Burrell, Cody Ross, Jose Guillen, Aaron Rowand, and Nate Schierholtz in the fold, the Giants’ outfield is difficult to figure out. What outfield alignment do you think the Giants will use? (note: they won’t be facing any left-handed starters in the NLDS)

    I expect that we’ll see Burrell in LF, Torres in CF, and most likely, to the disappointment of Giants’ fans, Jose Guillen in RF. Personally, I’d much rather see Cody Ross or Nate Schierholtz in RF. Guillen is a notoriously bad fielder and his batting line with the Giants (.266/.317/.375) isn’t nearly enough to compensate for his diminished range. Cody Ross started slow, but he’s now OPS’ing over .800 with the Giants and his defense in RF is a plus. If the Giants were smart, they would bench Guillen and replace him with Ross.

Unless you're a Giants fan, the manager's ongoing affection for Jose Guillen should serve as a source of amusement.

Over the last three seasons, Cody Ross has a .267 batting average.

So does Guillen.

Over the last three seasons, Cody Ross has a .320 on-base percentage.

So does Guillen. (Actually, it's .322 but please grant me this small license.)

Ah, but Guillen's got the power right?

Ah, but no.

Over the last three seasons, Cody Ross has a .456 slugging percentage.

Same span, Guillen's got a splendiforous .429 figure.

Why Bruce Bochy would play Guillen over Ross -- who is, of course, the better defender -- is a real mystery. But he's been doing it for seven weeks. There's no reason to think he'll stop now.