Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links are already exhausted by the three important baseball games today that haven't even been played yet ...

  • Yes, these days everyone's got a podcast. No, we don't have time for all of them. But you should really, really give Jonah Keri's first podcast a good solid listen.

  • I cannot, in good conscience, endorse this link. But if you're into pathetic freak shows ...

  • Yesterday was Bill James' birthday, and Joe Posnanski did him right. (Not coincidentally -- I was working for Bill then -- I was at the same game Bill writes about. Oddly, I can't remember if I was sitting with him and Susie.)

  • Via The Platoon Advantage, The Common Man runs through a list of the best seasons for terrible teams.

  • From Mark Viera in the Times, a great piece about something you probably hardly ever think about: the on-deck circle.

  • Also from the Times, a long list of 2010 milestones (with backstories!).

  • I'll bet this guy's book about hitting would sell more copies if this guy's power hadn't nearly disappeared (along with his batting average).

  • What's that? You're sick of postseason previews? Ah, but I'll bet you haven't heard a musical preview yet! And we've got one, courtesy of The Baseball Project.