Jays dump salary, ChiSox add OF

Boy. Talk about your salary dump:

    Blue Jays outfielder Alex Rios has been claimed off waivers by the Chicago White Sox, sending him to a contending team and giving Toronto financial flexibility.
    Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi announced the move Monday night, about 30 minutes before the Blue Jays were scheduled to play the New York Yankees. Rios was in the initial starting lineup when he learned the news.

    Toronto did not receive any compensation for the two-time All-Star, who is batting .264 with 14 homers and 62 RBIs in 108 games.

    The 28-year-old Rios signed a seven-year contract with the Blue Jays in April 2008 that guarantees him $69,835,000.

Of that $69,835,000, Rios still has roughly $64 million coming to him through the 2014 season.
Essentially, the White Sox are making a large bet that Rios is the player we saw in 2007 and 2008 -- when he was worth roughly $20 million per season -- rather than the player we've seen in 2009, when he's been worth less than half that.

As you know, absent injuries and age, players typically find their true levels eventually, and Rios' true level is better than the level he's displayed over the last four months.

I think the White Sox are probably right. I just wonder how right they'll look in 2013 and '14.