Will Yanks replace Teixeira with shortstop?

Talk about adding injury to insult:

    Mark Teixeira left the game in the 5th inning with an apparent hamstring injury after running out the back end of a potential double play. Multiple beat writers have now confirmed that Teixeira does have a hamstring tear, and will be replaced on the ALCS roster, probably by Eduardo Nunez. Tex will have to sit out the World Series as well if the Yankees manage to come back and make it that far, but it sounds like it’s going to be a while before the Yankees first baseman is doing much of anything anyway.

Yes, I would think.

Those of you who don't have a close personal relationship with Michael Kay or Joe Girardi might be wondering who on Earth is Eduardo Nunez. Well, he started 13 games for the Yankees this season -- 10 at third base, three at shortstop -- but spent most of the summer playing shortstop for Triple-A Scranton.

When people say Derek Jeter has to play shortstop for the Yankees (forever, maybe!) because there's nobody else who can, they're talking about Eduardo Nunez.

What's not clear is what he brings to the postseason table. He can't really hit, and the Yankees are pretty well set (for now) at both shortstop and third base. What they really need is a left-handed hitter who can hit. And as near as I can tell, the only Yankeeman who bears a passing resemblance to such a creature is Juan Miranda.

Of course, he might be anywhere right now and isn't likely to be available tomorrow. If the Yankees win Game 5, though? Miranda might come in handy against Colby Lewis in Game 6.