Red Sox reload at SS (again)

Someday, the Red Sox will once again have a good shortstop. Not this time, though. Breaking news from Tony Massarotti:

    The Red Sox have completed a trade with the Cincinnati Reds, bringing shortstop Alex Gonzalez back to Boston.

    Gonzalez, as Red Sox fans will recall, is an excellent defensive player who should shore up the team's defense on the left side of the infield. His contract calls for a $6 million club option next season, meaning the Sox will have the right to retain to his services.

As it happens, Red Sox fans might well recall Gonzalez as an excellent defensive player; statistically speaking, his very best season with the glove did come during his one year (2006) with the Red Sox. Generally, though, Gonzalez has been a good shortstop rather than a great one.
There's also the little matter of his .293 career on-base percentage. There was a reason why the Red Sox dumped him after 2006 and embarked on their ill-fated relationship with Julio Lugo. But Lugo's gone, replaced by Nick Green, and Green has all of Gonzalez's limitations with the bat and only some of his skills with the glove.

So, yes: Gonzalez makes the Red Sox better, if only marginally so. We'll find out later how much the Red Sox had to give up to gain an extra quarter- or half-win.