This time maybe Mets can't go wrong

Calcaterra on the Mets' latest machinations:

    I suppose a well-considered decision is better than an impulsive one, but it does seem like the Mets are taking their sweet time on this GM thing.

The team just sent out an e-mail to fans saying that they’re bringing back former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes and Sandy Alderson for a second round of interviews. Which, given that Alderson has already been in twice for interviews means that it will his third time meeting with Mets officials.

I know it’s an important job, but really, what’s taking so long here? It’s not like these two are part of a big slate of entry-level applicants who could only get 30 minute across-the-desk interviews when they were in before. What else do you need to know? (That's actually the whole post. I owe you one, ShysterCraig.)

I guess we just don't know yet.

Maybe upper management is being incredibly diligent, making sure they get not only the right man, but the right fit.

Or maybe upper management is engaged in the same tomfoolery that got them into this mess.

I happen to think either Byrnes or Alderson would do a fine job, though of course Alderson's got the more impressive track record. As someone else pointed out (sorry, don't remember where), if Alderson does get the job he'll probably focus a bit more on the big picture than most GMs would, so we should pay closer attention than usual to the identity of his closest assistants.

Whoever winds up with the job, I don't expect the Mets to languish in the middle of the standings for much longer.