Giants faced with unattractive DH options

Regarding the burning question of who should DH for the Giants, Dave Cameron comes up with four possibilities:

1. Give the job to Pablo Sandoval.

2. Give the job to Pat Burrell (but who would play left field?).

3. Give the job to Aubrey Huff (with Travis Ishikawa playing first base).

4. Activate Jose Guillen and give him the job.


    Given those four choices, I’m honestly not sure what Bruce Bochy’s best bet is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t end up settling on one choice, but just kept shuffling through the options. Maybe you DH Burrell in Game 3, and if he has a big day, you run him back out there for Game 4, but if he doesn’t, you go with one of the other plans. No matter what way they go, it won’t be a great option, and the Giants will be at a disadvantage in the AL park.

Yes, and just another reason to pick the Rangers.

I suspect that Bochy will try at least two different DH's, if only because he's been pulling all sorts of levers throughout the postseason. Why would he stop now?