Pudge rejoining Rangers

Ivan Rodriguez a Ranger again? Raise your hand if you saw this coming? Jeff Wilson with all the details (except for the identity of the presumably nondescript minor leaguers the Rangers are giving up):

    A source said Rodriguez will serve as the backup for Taylor Teagarden, who has assumed the starting duties with Jarrod Saltalamacchia on the disabled list. Saltalamacchia was placed on the DL on Saturday with arm fatigue and was told today by vascular specialist Dr. Greg Pearl that he has thoracic outlet syndrome. Saltalamacchia, though, said that he will stretch and rehab the arm over the next few weeks and was told that he could play again this season. "I'm going to play through it, and hopefully it goes away," Saltalamacchia said. "He [Pearl] thinks that if I stretch it out and do the rehab, there's a chance I can overcome it. "I don't want my season to end. We're in the hunt, and I want to help out as much as I can."

Do you remember last summer, when smart guys like me were saying the Rangers had so many good catchers they should trade one of them to the Red Sox?
Those three good catchers -- Teagarden, Saltalamacchia, and Maximiliano Ramirez -- have been so good this season that management felt compelled to trade two young players for a 37-year-old catcher with a .280 on-base percentage.

Saltalamacchia? The starter for most of this season, he's got a .293 on-base percentage, and he's had some problems throwing the ball back to the pitchers.

Teagarden? He's been even worse, with a .264 on-base percentage in 38 games.

Ramirez? He can't really catch, and anyway he hasn't done enough with the bat this year to escape the minor leagues.

Hence, Ivan Rodriguez. Of course, his OBP isn't any great shakes, either. But he can still throw, and with Saltalamacchia out the Rangers do need another catcher. And speaking purely as a fan, it'll be fun to see him wearing the uniform again.