As usual, Cashman sees big picture

Via Ben Shpigel, one highlight of Brian Cashman's news conference yesterday:

    Cashman was asked whether he thought the Yankees looked old against Texas.

    “I think you look old when you don’t play well. I think that we didn’t look old against Minnesota at all, and that was a week before we looked old against Texas. Texas made us look old because of how they played against us and how we played against them. That’s all a credit to Texas. I don’t think that series was indicative of the strength of our team and what we’re capable of."

How can you not love this guy? Cashman has a gift for cutting through all the horse-hockey and getting to the heart of the thing. You can always quibble with individual decisions he's made, but I don't know if many general managers see the big picture the way Cashman does.