Friday Filberts

This morning, I dreamed that this season was almost finished, after what seemed like six weeks rather than six months. That made me sad. I'm awake now, and happy.
• I'm sorry, but Louis beating Schmeling did not add to the Yankees' home-field advantage.

• Someday, my grandkids will tell your grandkids about the epic battle between an Astro and a Pirate.

• Is Kyle Davies for real? John Sickels says yeah, he might be. If Davies is for real, suddenly the Royals look sort of like contenders.

• No, the history of pitchers drafted with the first overall pick is not encouraging. I'm just not sure if that history is anything like convincing enough to dissuade a rational actor from drafting Stephen Strasburg. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's not.

• UmpBump.com looks at players Ned Colletti has given up on during his tenure as Dodgers GM. Colletti doesn't come off looking real good, but we really need to see the same analysis for every team before passing any sort of judgment.

• How hard is it to come up with truly accurate park factors. I'm not sure you want to know. But if you do, Eric Walker's primer is essential reading.

Jeff Francoeur has a "blog" and ShysterBall couldn't be more "thrilled".

• During yesterday's game, Michael Kay said that Cary Grant "was kind of the Tom Hanks of his generation." I'm just saying.

• And finally, let's all wish a happy birthday to one of my all-time intellectual heroes.