Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links can't be held responsible for what they might do later this morning, if more than one crazy voter or two leave Felix Hernandez off their Cy Young ballots completely ...

  • The Platoon Advantage's Bill offers a gentle corrective to the National League Rookie of the Year results.

  • Lots of love for Brian Kenny and Jon Sciambi (among others, with the added bonus of my writing skills looked askance upon).

  • Wishing the best for Milton Bradley, because I really do like him (from afar, of course). But I really don't see a happy ending for this situation, even with all that water over the dam.

  • Probably burying the lede here, but ATTENTION ALL WRITERS AND BROADCASTERS: this is THE ONE LINK you really should click this week. I mean, if you want to join the 21st century and whatnot.

  • Fungoes does some bang-up work on free agents, parsing the best values in this year's class, and the worst.

  • Mostly for Dodgers fans, I suppose. But I really enjoyed Steven Booth's cautionary tale for Don Mattingly: the rise and fall of Bill Russell (as Dodger manager).

  • Also for fans, I guess ... Posnanski's first Banny Log in quite a while ... but not, we can only hope, his last.

  • What ties together Sparky Anderson and the 1976 National League Bunt King? Thanks to Cardboard Gods, now we know.