Friday Filberts

I hope you love the smell of links in the morning as much as I do ...
• Joe Posnanski on Pete Rose, Bill James, and forensic narcissism.

• Everything you always wanted to know about baseball caps (but were afraid to ask).

• The season keeps humming along, and so does Marco Scutaro. BtB's Jack Moore tries to figure out how on earth it's happening.

• Jonah Keri ranks the All-Time Top 10 Yankees (including a certain shortstopping captain).

• You think all the major leaguers from this "modern" era are set for life, financially? Hardly. Not if "modern" includes the 1990s. Just ask John Ericks, who makes nine bucks an hour at Wal-Mart.

• Dan Lamothe pens a love letter to Nick Green's two-inning mound stint last night.

• From FantasyPros911 -- who do more than just fantasize -- your top 10 baseball audio moments.

• And finally, your Song of the Week: Todd Snider's take on Doc Ellis (and for a nice little bonus, check out the clip of Snider explaining why he follows the Royals).