Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links are actually a little full of themselves. I'm not sure why. Granted, today there are more of them than usual. But more isn't always better ...

  • What's that? You're hoping the Yankees don't sign Derek Jeter and instead your favorite team gets him? Well, here's your big chance to see exactly what that would look like.

  • Tangotiger ran the numbers on Tulowitzki's new deal, which includes an extension that pays him $119 million from 2015 through '20. You'll never guess what happened. Seriously.

  • Speaking of seriously, meet Professor Selig. Seriously?

  • Speaking of Professor Selig, Jeff Passan really, really wants him to leave the playoffs alone (but he won't, and Passan explains why).

  • Peter Abraham's analysis of the Red Sox' spending since John Henry bought the team carries the John Henry Seal of Approval.

  • Fungoes attended the big "Future of Sports" panel -- featuring Bill James, Bob Costas, etc. -- in St. Louis Monday night, and here's the full report.

  • Part 1 of an interview with Mark Simon, who's done so much this year to smarten up the proceedings around here.

  • In response to my diatribe against ridiculous minor-league team names, the Omaha Storm Chasers graciously sent me a lovely new cap. I'm grateful, of course ... but more confused than ever. I thought Storm Chasers chased storms, but this stormy guy on the hat looks like he is chasing us. Anyway, I wish them well. In the end, it's all about selling T-shirts for the kiddies.

  • Rany Jazayerli is positively giddy (about the Royals' farm system).

  • I'm not completely convinced that salary caps are a terrible thing. But after reading this, I'm more convinced than ever that they're far, far from a panacea.

  • Welcome, friends, to Keith Olbermann's entertaining tour of postseason baseball, circa 1894

  • And here's another photo tour, this one of those slightly less-ancient-but-still-historical times when hair was long and disco records were blown up.