Tuesday Taters

Today's links don't find that sort of impertinence amusing. Not one bit.

  • Jonathan Mayo on where last year's Rule 5 draft picks are now (you know, in case you were thinking about getting excited about this year's Rule 5 draft picks).

  • Jonah Keri's got a great interview with Alex Anthopolous. And if you like that -- or, quite frankly, even if you don't -- I have to also recommend Jonah's latest podcast, featuring David Forst and Craig Calcaterra, two of the smartest bears I know.

  • Philadelphia Inquirer Frank Fitzpatrick on the ultimate (and unknown) fate of the last baseball used in the 1980 World Series. It wasn't so long ago that folks were pretty cavalier about such things.

  • I don't know if I'll ever get to see the movie, but if not I'll happily settle for the t-shirt ...

  • In honor of a certain Yankee shortstop, The Common Man offers, for your consideration, The 40 Greatest Yankees.

  • I'm really not sure if this idea is the super-est idea in the history of super ideas. Maybe, though.

  • Under the rubric of NotGraphs, Carson Cistulli offers a brief reading of "A Brief History of American Sports." Briefly, of course.