Monday Mendozas

Today's links were routed through -- but not subject to the approval of the movers and shakers of -- the sprawling metropolis of Seligman, Mo.

  • OK, so maybe I say this too often, but this interactive trade map is the coolest thing, like, ever.

  • It gives me no pleasure -- in fact, it gives me some displeasure -- to issue diktats, but every Hall of Fame voter should read this.

  • Redleg Nation reviews a book about the 1964 Reds, published by one of my favorite publishers.

  • From upstate New York, the story of Gene Baker, Ernie Banks' first roommate with the Cubs and the minor leagues' second black manager.

  • Hey, who doesn't love a good list?

  • Just in case you're wondering why the Rays need to trade one of their starting pitchers before Opening Day, this is why.

  • By the way, I'll have a straight analysis later this morning, but I just can't understand this complaint when the team that got Greinke plays in a tiny market.