Friday Filberts

Today's links are absolutely confident that in 2011, we'll finally have flying cars, hunger will be eradicated, and Hall of Fame voters will think rationally about drugs ...

  • Joe Sheehan makes some predictions for 2011, and I'm kicking myself for not prefiguring his prediction for the 2011 Orioles in something I wrote for ESPN.com (which hasn't been published yet, but honor prevents me from correcting my foolishness).

  • Jonah Keri on what Hall of Fame voters are doing wrong (and he's right).

  • Boy, Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett sure did get a lot bigger during his career.

  • I think it was Chuck Tanner who loved to observe that baseball's "just an opinion." And that's still how too many baseball writers think about it. But as Dave Cameron points out, there are plenty of facts available for anyone who cares enough to look.

  • On the (sort of) eve of the (terribly overdue) election of Bert Blyleven to the Hallowed Hall, Jeremy Greenhouse employs PITCHf/x to identify the current pitchers most like Blyleven, curveball-wise.

  • That was Jeremy's last piece for Baseball Analysts because he has to make living, and J.C. Bradbury's got the same excuse for bowing out of Sabernomics. You'll both be missed!

  • Hey, it's the last day of the year and nobody's working. If I want to throw in a link to Anonymous Scout's take on long-tossing, I'm going to throw in a link to Anonymous Scout's take on long-tossing. (H/T: BTF's Newsstand)