Monday Mendozas

Today's links are pacing themselves ...

  • I'm still partial to bobbleheads, myself. But Larry's right: This is a pretty fantastic ballpark giveaway.

  • Jason looks at the candidates for pitcher of the decade, and the choice is fairly clear (even if you know the answer already, it's worth a click just for the decade's surprising strikeout leader).

  • Wow. I didn't really expect Jeff Bagwell to get elected in his first try, but it looks like -- based on this and especially this -- he'll fare significantly worse than I thought.

  • It's a beautiful thing when the Interweb, a metal detector, a Good Samaritan, and a Southern Association championship come together and make a really happy ending.

  • Tango comes up with an interesting idea for a Hall of Fame evaluation tool, but thinks we're five or 10 years from having it. I disagree. I think it could be built in time for next year's election. Now, getting more than a handful of voters to actually use it is another thing entirely.

  • King Kaufman gets through the second inning of Game 7 of the 1960 World Series. At this rate, I might actually catch him at some point this month ...

  • I saw "Tron: Legacy" over the weekend. It's not a great movie, perhaps not even a good movie. But whatever technology used to make Jeff Bridges look 20 years younger should raise an interesting possibility for whoever owns "The Natural." Despite its obvious flaws, "The Natural" is one of my favorite baseball movies. It would be a lot better, though, if they hadn't tried to pass off the 47-year-old Robert Redford as the 18-year-old Roy Hobbs. Even in soft focus, that just doesn't work and is terribly distracting. Clearly, though, today the technology exists to simply remove 20 (or more) years from Redford's visage (and while they're at it, Glenn Close's, too). Do that, and the movie immediately is 10 percent better.