Detroit's most expensive AB

Detroit4Lyfe on Tuesday night's most expensive at-bat:

    On Tuesday night, Magglio Ordonez reached the minimum plate appearances a clause in his current contract required him to reach for his $18 million 2010 contract to vest.

    Magglio is hitting .357 since the All-Star break.

I snipped out the snarky bits, which you can read for yourself if you like.
Ordonez's line before the break: .260/.330/.343.

Ordonez's line since the break: .357/.429/.510.

This has been one crazy season, huh? Before the break, the guy couldn't buy a hit, and now lately he can't seem to not hit. One might even wonder if he's simply returned to the form he showed just two seasons ago, when he (improbably enough) batted .363 to ace Ichiro Suzuki for the title.

What's missing is the power. When Ordonez batted .363, he also hit 28 homers and topped the majors with 54 doubles. And lately? Not so much. In 163 plate appearances since the break -- roughly a fourth of a season -- Ordonez has 14 extra-base hits, and not a single home run since a month ago today.

All this might simply be a bizarre statistical fluctuation. Or perhaps Ordonez decided to give up on power and work on his batting average for a while. Either way, it seems unlikely that he'll rediscover the combination of on-base and slugging that would make him worth anything close to $18 million next year.