Rockies' De La Rosa no 'journeyman'

Among the responses to this morning's post about last night's Giants-Rockies game, the one I anticipated runs something like this: "You have disrespected Jorge de la Rosa! How dare you call him a "journyeman"!
De La Rosa Well, OK. I was in San Francisco, and the post was written from that perspective. No, I was not writing for the hometown fans. But when you're sitting there in the press box, the fans literally close enough to touch, it's hard to approach things from the visiting team's perspective. For me, anyway. And I thought losing to Jorge de la Rosa was a bit more poignant, a bit more painful -- a better story -- than losing to Ubaldo Jimenez or Jason Marquis or Aaron Cook would have been.

Was that fair, though? I'm not sure how you define "journeyman," but de la Rosa is 28 years old and he's pitching for his fifth organization. As a major leaguer, he's pitched for three teams and now has a 40-40 record with a 5.13 ERA. Yes, he now seems to have found a home with the Rockies ... But did you have him, in March, winning 15 games this season. Did you have him pitching the best game of his career in perhaps the biggest game of the Rockies' season?

Because he did. Last night's eight innings, three hits, two walks, nine strikeouts and zero runs adds up to an 83 Game Score; in 92 previous starts, de la Rosa had never topped 80 (and had come reasonably close only a few times).

So, yes: Perhaps Jorge de la Rosa should now be described as an ex-journeyman. However, until very recently he could also have been described as the Rockies' No. 4 starter. And Wednesday night in the biggest game of his career, he pitched the best game of his career.

Now that's a story.