Hillman's odd percentages

The Royals are tied for first place. They've lost five games. Three of those games have been lost by Kyle Farnsworth. Sunday afternoon, the Royals blew a 5-3 lead in the last two innings, and their ace closer -- who hadn't pitched in nearly a week -- never escaped the bullpen. Care to wallow in the pity of it all? You've got your choice between Jazayerli and Posnanski. I don't recommend either unless you have a limitless capacity -- as you know, neither Joe nor Rany is shy with the ol' word count -- for reading about managers who don't know what they're doing.
And then there's this, from Bob Dutton:

    Hillman said he never considered using All-Star closer Joakim Soria instead of Farnsworth to start the ninth inning because it was a tie game.
    "Not on the road,” Hillman said. "At home, yes. But not on the road. Just simply because the percentages are against you in that situation.”

    The Royals entered the Texas ninth knowing they needed, as the road team, at least six outs to get a victory. Hillman said he wasn't willing to extend Soria beyond "one up and down” because of a lack of work in recent days.

    The problem now is Soria hasn't pitched since April 13. And because of Monday's open date in the schedule, he will have at least seven days of rest before his next appearance.

    That matches his longest down time logged last season, which is something Hillman has said repeatedly that he hoped to avoid.

Got that? You just can't use your best pitcher in a close road game because the percentages are against you. Yes, folks: this is the manager who is going to lead the Kansas City club out of the wilderness.
Not that we're bitter or anything.