Friday Filberts

Today's links were composed through a cascade of tears, as I keep wondering why we just can't all get along.
Derek Jeter might be the hittingest Yankee of them all. But he's no Harold Baines, that's for sure.

• I think I blogged it. But I think Joe blogged it better.

• I like Rule 7.05(j) very much. And I like Rule 7.05(j) even more when some scatter-brained catcher forgets it (or perhaps never knew it in the first place).

Dave Baldwin was a pitcher, but few men are better-equipped when it comes to getting inside the batter's brain.

Brian Fuentes leads the majors with 42 saves. Dave Cameron explains in detail why we shouldn't be impressed.

• In response to this, I will simply observe that Mickey Mantle a) played more than 125 games just three times after turning 30, and b) retired at 36. Is this future we want for Josh Hamilton, really?

• Peter Abraham, one of the best cats in this business, is moving up in the world. Congratulations to Pete, and it's wonderful to see good work rewarded. We can only hope that he does for the Red Sox what he's done for the Yankees.