Bobby Cox's legacy

Upon the news that Bobby Cox will retire after next season, I was moved to compare him to all the other managers.
Conclusion? Cox's place in history is essentially set. He currently ranks fourth in wins, and won't catch Tony La Russa or be caught by Joe Torre (probably). In fact, Cox's spot should be safe for a long, long time unless Joe Girardi spends the next few decades managing the Yankees.

Cox currently owns the record with 15 postseason appearances, but Torre will tie him this fall and La Russa will be just two behind. Speaking of La Russa, he and Cox are the only current managers who have won more than two league championships; each boasts five.

Really, the only thing missing from Cox's resumè is World Championships (plural). He's won just one of them, fewer than non-Hall of Famers Danny Murtaugh, Billy Martin, Tom Kelly, Ralph Houk, and Cito Gaston.

Which won't keep Cox out of the Hall of Fame. It's a lot harder to win the World Series than it used to be, and winning just one World Series certainly didn't keep Earl Weaver out of the Coop.

Next year, let's be sure and appreciate Cox as his career finally winds down. And let's hope he adds a few more ejections to his lifetime record, just for old times' sake.