Yankees bench Hall of Famer

Carrying on a grand tradition -- remember Greg Maddux and Javy Lopez? -- the Yankees are going to bench one of their best players because one of their starting pitchers doesn't care for him, much:

    Jorge Posada just revealed that Joe Girardi told him on Sunday that Jose Molina will catch A.J. Burnett in this series.

    "I just hope we win that game,” Posada said. "That's all I've got to say.”

    He added, "It's not like I didn't see it coming.”

    When asked if he might be the DH when Molina catches, Posada said he wasn't sure but that, "Matsui is our DH.”

Well, yes: Matsui is.
That doesn't necessarily mean that Posada couldn't play that role ... but in practice it probably does. It would be foolish to bench the left-handed-hitting Matsui with a right-handed pitcher on the mound, and Matsui's platoon split is small enough that Posada would give the Yankees just a tiny edge against left-handed pitchers. Toss in that a) Girardi will usually want a catcher in reserve, and b) Posada, a switch-hitter, is more useful on the bench than Matsui, and it's neither likely nor sensible to use Posada as the DH.

Now, whether it makes sense to bench Posada at all is a different story. Essentially, Girardi has to get inside Burnett's head. And if he thinks that Burnett might give up even a quarter of a run more with Posada catching, then Molina's the better choice. Because as well as Posada hits and as poorly as Molina hits, the difference between them within a particular game is so small, it defies measurement.

Even without Posada, the Republic shall endure. And so will the Yankees, probably.