A's Forst not a Padres GM candidate

A bit of non-news from Oakland:

    The A's squashed speculation that assistant general manager David Forst is in the mix to become the next general manager of the San Diego Padres.
    The A's said in a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that Forst, Billy Beane's longtime right-hand man, has not interviewed for the job, nor has anyone asked for permission to interview him.

    "At this time, he has no interest in pursuing a position outside of Oakland and has no plans to leave the A's organization," the statement concluded.

    Forst completed his sixth season as the A's assistant GM.

Two things.
First, the assumption for some time has been that David Forst has as much power as any assistant GM in the majors, and that eventually he'll take the next step, presumably when Billy Beane gets bored. So it wouldn't be a big surprise if Forst is happy with the A's. Also, if the Padres want to hire an ex-A's assistant GM, why not just give the job to Paul DePodesta? He already works there!

And second, the word is quashed (not squashed). This is basic stuff, guys.